• Sue’s Pitsburg Memories
    Written by Sue Hunt Besecker In the spring of 1976 we were looking for a home to buy. We had been renting from 68 to 76, and it was time to get something of our own. Matt was 8 and Stephanie was 5. I wanted to find something before school started. Both kids had been
  • Young Family of Pitsburg
    This article on the Young family of Pitsburg and Pitsburg Hotel was researched and written by Carolyn Stutz Temte who was a past resident of Pitsburg and has helped us research Pitsburg for our recent “Pitsburg Businesses” program. I researched Google books, Books out of print, The New York Public Library, Library of Congress and
  • Terry Lavy’s Pitsburg Memories
    Written by Terry Lavy September 4, 2023 1947 Lavy Grain & Feed in Pitsburg, OH, on Jefferson Street I am 87 year old Terry Lavy retired Arkansas University Professor of Weed Science living near Lowell Arkansas.  Much of this may be too detailed and too corny for your publication.  Feel free to shorten, delete some
  • Pitsburg Program Date Change
    The program on Pitsburg Businesses has been changed to Saturday, September 16 at 10am at AWTHS location. This is a change from September 14. Please note and share the change with interested parties. Thank You.
  • Carl & Earlene (Netzley) Morris Family
    Memories written by Earlene Morris and contributed by Jane Brown. Gene, Jane Morris Brown and Judy Morris Carl & Earlene (Netzley) Morris married on October 7. 1939 and started farming and housekeeping on Delisle-Fourman Road.  They went to Pitsburg, Oh, for most of their needs.  Earlene says they shopped at Kissel Grocery, sold their grain at Stoltz
  • Byron Davis …The Good Olde Days
    Byron is 100 years old!  Was born in 1923.  He was telling me about his two big birthday parties, one with the sr. citizen card party and one at Rob’s in Brookville.  By the way, Bryon plays cards several times a week to keep active. The Davis home place was on Verona Pitsburg Road where
    Written by Susan Isenbarger Jones August 2023                Growing up just 4 miles south of Pitsburg in far southern Monroe Township, the village always played a large role in our lives.  It was essentially the nearest “big” town – far bigger than Gordon because it had a hardware store, a grocery store, a bank, a
  • John Brown: Pitsburg Memories
    My name is John Brown and I am the youngest child of Richard and Phyllis Brown. Richard (Dad) owned an automotive (body) shop on Brown Street from 1959 to 1965.  We are not certain when Brown street was aptly named, but we lived across the street from a cousin, Donovan Brown. Phyllis (Mom) was the owner
  • Arcanum’s Industrial Section Walking Tour
    Due to the rain last week, the walk was rescheduled to Saturday, July 15, 2023. Meet at 2 South Main Arcanum, between 9:15-9:30am. The walk is approximately one mile and will be led by Cary Wogoman. Here’s the link to the brochure/map which can be viewed, downloaded and printed off, of the brochure map. Brochures
  • Herbert Stutz Family and Stutz Garage
    The Herbert Stutz Family and Stutz Garage In working on the Pitsburg project, Carolyn Stutz Temte saw our post on the FM Alumni page and thus responded about her dad, Herbert Stutz and family. This is Carolyn’s story. My parents were Herbert and Leona Stutz.  Dad and his twin brother, Howard Martin Stutz, started Stutz
  • Royer Potato Farm-Keep Smiling
    Photo taken by Dayton Newspaper. From Joyce Miller. Story from Joyce Miller (Virgil’s great niece) Information also from daughter, Marjorie Weeks. Virgil Royer graduated from Franklin Township.  Attended Manchester College in Indiana and attended Ohio State University.  Married Florence Miller of Greenville.  Parents of four daughters:  Lois MacDonalds, Virginia Chase, Marjorie Weeks and Alice Jean
  • Fertilizer Company in Pitsburg
    Leis Chemical Company . Photo from Don Leis Story from Don Leis. The Pitsburg plant was built in 1964 and was called Leis Chemical Company.  Owners were John Leis, his brother Ralph and Ralph’s son, Don Leis.  Don managed the Pitsburg plant.  Charles Hangen was the outside salesman calling on farmers along with Don Leis. 
  • Farming and Getting Crops to Market Early 1800’s
    From History of Darke County 1880   By W. H. Beers   Page 271:  “Darke County was first settled by an industrious, hardy race of pioneers poor men who had been renters in other parts of the state.  As soon as they were able to raise $100 or upward, they came here and invested it
  • Identifying the “unknowns” of Pearl Harbor
    As we ponder Memorial Day, we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Those who did not come home. I came upon this article and post about needing help identifying those “unknowns” from Pearl Harbor. In fact one of them is Arcanum’s own: And yes, he was identified and “came home”.
  • September Program
    September events include Open Hours September 2 from 9am-noon. Check out our military files and old Arcanum Times Newspapers. See our Reference Materials List on our website for a up to date list of what our library as to view as well as conduct research from. September 14 at 7pm at AWTHS, Annette Stewart, fellow
  • July AWTHS Events
    Flour Mill once in southern end of Arcanum The summer is the perfect time to explore your family history and tree or write about those family memories and stories. A great opportunity to research and find those details is during our open hours which is scheduled for July 1 from 9am-noon. Researchers are welcome to
  • May National Preservation Month
    May is the time of the year when numerous historical societies, the government, and preservation groups join forces to promote the importance of preserving historical places. Many times, wealthy individuals who love art and culture, as well as businesses, join the preservation cause since a city that is rich in heritage is bound to benefit
  • Contacting AWTHS
    AWTHS is transitioning our email accounts. If you wish to contact AWTHS we are accessible the following ways: Emails: General is [email protected]. For Research or to reach Annette Stewart [email protected]. For all other inquires, including Farmers Market and Facility Rental, use the general [email protected]. You may contact us through FB Messenger. Open Hours are generally
  • Mary A. Gunder Stevenson
    Another recently discovered child of William Gunder, The Founder of Arcanum. Father: William Henry Gunder, born in PA and of Dutch descentMarital Status: Married at time of deathOccupation: HousewifeMiss Mary A. Gunder married Parkhill John Stevenson 1849 in Darke County, Ohio. Of interest is one of their children, Dr. William Henry Stevenson, was born
  • William Gunder (Founder) Siblings
    As mentioned in the previous blog about Peter Gunder, SR, William Gunder’s father, we will continue this series on the siblings of William’s. Our source is through Find-a-Grave and some notes of Wayne Gunder although a few of the family siblings were researched by other researchers and we will note them where indicated. Please give
  • William Gunder’s Parents, The Arcanum Founder
    Our blogs have concluded up to this point on the children of William and Nancy (Rice) Gunder, the Founder of Arcanum. However, in researching the children of The Founder, we found more information about the Founder’s parents and siblings through the research of Wayne Gunder on Find A Grave, web site. We also found one
  • John Gunder #11 and Capt. Daniel Gunder #13
    We are continuing our Gunder children stories of the Founder of Arcanum, William and Nancy. Gunder Child #11John C. He was born 1842. Died at 7 years old. He was buried near his mother, Nancy also at Ithaca Cemetery.John died of Cholera during the epidemic of 1849-1850. (Arcanum’s Founding)His mother also died from Cholera in
  • Grandma’s Life Lessons
    Inez Michael Brumbaugh
  • Col. George Gunder #10
    Photo from Find-A-Grave. Gunder Child #10: Son of William and Nancy Gunder. George. Named for George Street in Arcanum per book “The Secret Town”.Col. George Gunder was a solider, merchant and politician who was born 1840. At 17 years he began teaching school. We find in Twin Twp. ledger that G. W. Gunder was paid
  • Caroline Gunder Shepherd #8
    Gunder Child #8:Caroline Gunder who was born 1835 was the first child born on land now part of Arcanum.She was married to David Shepherd, who was a farmer and land owner. Their farms were in Van Buren Twp. In the 1890’s they sold some of their land and moved to Greenville.Their children were: Francis, Flora,
  • Henry Gunder #9 and Caroline Chase
    Henry, Caroline and Son. From Darke Genealogical Society. Gunder Child #9: HenryHenry was born 1837, son of William and Nancy Gunder. He was a scholar and educator thirsting knowledge as a youngster. He went on to found Germantown High School and Greenville High School in 1868. See History of Darke County 1880 page 428. He
  • Martin Gunder
    Gunder Child #2 of William and Nancy Gunder.Martin Gunder, a farmer, was born October, 1824.  His farm extended north of Arcanum and he owned land also in Indiana and Iowa. He married Ann Elizabeth Long and they had 5 children; Sarah, Olive, Winfield, William and Frances.This is a sad story as we discover two daughters died
  • Dicey Gunder And Elizabeth Gunder
    AWTHS will be sharing some posts about the children of William and Nancy Gunder. They will not appear in order of birth as some post are longer than others, so please keep that in mind as you read them. Gunder Child #1 of William and Nancy (Rice) GunderDicey Gunder was born 1822 in a log
  • Sarah Ann Gunder Shepherd #5
    Gunder Child #5:Introducing Sarah Ann, born in 1829.  Married to Hiram Shepherd who was a farmer.  Book said “he took his horses to Jay County, IN each spring to plow and plant crops owned by the Gunder family.”Hiram was the guardian for Daniel and William, Jr. after his brother-in-law Martin died.Their farm was north of
  • Dayton Racquet Company
    The AWTHS received a inquiry concerning the Arcanum Racquet Factory recently. In corresponding with Gwenyth G. Haney, the Collection Manager with Dayton History, we received the following information regarding the Dayton Racquet Company which was the forerunner to the Arcanum plant. For those of you familiar with Arcanum history or who attended the Racquet Factory
  • Founding of Arcanum
    Information from the “The Secret Town” written by William Gunder. We read that William Gunder was planning to plat a town somewhere on his land as early as 1835. William was thinking ahead and the exact location of the new town would later be determined by the railroad angle through the area. Perhaps he was
  • William Gunder, Jr.
    Gunder Child #14:William Gunder, Jr. Jeweler. William was born 1849. His mother, Nancy died shortly after his birth of cholera. He was raised by his father, and stepmother, Huldah. William Jr. and brother Daniel farmed their father’s land in Jay Co., IN during the summer of 1864-68 and after their father died.William Jr. attended a
  • William Gunder, Arcanum’s Founder
    This article about the Gunder family is dedicated to William (Bill) Gunder, the great grandson of the Founder of Arcanum. William “Bill” Gunder   –  1930-2015 Local Author and Historian   Bill was a founding member of the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society.  He served as director and most importantly as historian.  He worked endlessly to document
  • New Year 2023 at AWTHS
    As we usher in another New Year for 2023 at AWTHS, we wish to announce our upcoming events that are planned so far for the year. We wish to thank all of our volunteers, members, board members, chairs, and the community for your time in serving and participating this past year (2022) and the area’s
  • April Events
    The AWTHS Open Hours will be held Saturday, April 15 from 2-4pm instead of our usual “Open First Saturday’s hours”. This will be held in conjunction with the Arcanum Alumni evening event. This year the following classes will be honored: current senior class of 2023, 1998, 1973 and 1948. Visit the Arcanum Alumni FB page
  • March Events
    Open Hours at AWTHS will be the First Saturday, March 4 from 9 am-noon. House open for tours, displays as well as the research library. Appointments are encouraged and recommended for research. Contact AWTHS thru Messenger or by contacting Annette Stewart. Dave Heckaman will be presenting at AWTHS on Thursday, March 9 at 7pm. The
  • Dick Hunt’s Arcanum Memories
    Written with permission, from the April 2019 You must be from Arcanum FB page post authored by Dick Hunt. Dick Hunt – During the late 40’s early 50’s shorty Vanatta was Arcanum’s ice man and when he decidedto retire our mother and father, Lloyd and Myrna Hunt, decided to build an ice house, the reason
  • Civil War Research Guides
    Dr. David Hayes For those researching their Civil War ancestor, David Hayes, AWTHS volunteer, is available to help thru the AWTHS Research Library. Appointments can be scheduled thru AWTHS or email David at: [email protected] . David has experience researching his own ancestor and has compiled the following research sources to assist other researchers in their
  • Terry Dean Norris
    This info was used by permission of the Darke County Genealogical Society and was in their publication, Darke County Genealogical Society Kindling, Volume 41, No.2, Spring 2022. Graduation photo and basketball clipping from AWTHS archives. Others personal family collection. Terry was born April 14, 1938 to Leonard G. and Dorothy M. Baird Norris in Darke
  • Glenn Eley…WWII
    GLENN ELEY US ARMY-WORLD WAR TWO “THE GREATEST GENERATION” Written by Tim Moore for use in display at AWTHS 2022. Glenn entered the US Army from Lewisburg, Ohio, in 1942.  Glenn was assigned to D Troop, 92nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, (Mechanized) 12th Armored Division at Camp Campbell, Kentucky. Glenn served as a Platoon Sergeant in
  • D R Warvel Letter Home WWI
    From Lana Lease Johnston. “Out of the Trenches” and “Letters from the Trenches” are  books based on  the WWI Diary/Letters of Daniel R. Warvel, Purple Heart Recipient – Born in Beamsville, Ohio 2-29-1892 transcribed by his granddaughter, Lana Lease-Johnston. Photos are also from Lana Lease-Johnston collection. Daniel’s family and Daniel was recently recognized at Arcanum’s
  • Baker Family History Project
    Of special note is the beginnings of the interest of this project thru Willam Baker sharing about the Baker reunion. Thus the Baker family history project began. The Baker group project was formed in 2018 for the purpose of compiling the Baker Family history primarly of the lines of Henry J. Baker and Elizabeth Poe
  • November Events
    November 5 Open Hours 9-noon. Program November 10 at 7pm on George Spreecher. Arcanum Post Master, Merchant, Father and Civil War Veteran who served with the Ohio 34th Regt. OVI Co. K.George’s great great grandson wrote a book using letters George sent home to his wife Sarah Ann Renshaw Sprecher during the Civil War.The book
  • AWTHS Designated Historic Site 2022
    Written by Barb Deis Childhood Home of Brigadier General Edward Sigerfoos 1872 – 18855 South Main Street, ArcanumCurrent home owner Ruth Ann Collins (2022) Arcanum resident Brig. Gen. Edward Sigerfoos was the highest ranking American officer killedduring World War I.He died in Meuse-Argonne, France on Oct. 7 1918. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery withhis wife
  • Remembering Doug
    By Ted Murphy Doug was recently recogonized at the Arcanum’s Purple Heart Ceremony September, 2022. Posted in honor of upcoming Veterans Day in November. Whenever I’m in Washington, D.C., I visit Doug. He’s always at the same place and you can find him there too. Just go to panel 16 W, line 034 at the
  • Army-Navy E Award
    Award for WWII production at Racquet Factory on Albright
  • September Events
    302 S Albright in Arcanum September Events: Open Hours September 3 from 9-noon. Reminder appointments are recommended for research library. We have the actual old Arcanum Times Newspapers to be viewed from 1900-1970’s or around. Program September 8 at 7pm on the Dayton Racquet Company. The Dayton Racquet Company was the only company in the
  • The Racquet Factory
    AWTHS will host a program, Thursday evening at 7pm on September 8, 2022 on the Dayton Racquet Company. The program is free and open to the public. If you worked at the factory or heard stories about the company, please come and share with us on September 8. Also check out the FB event for
  • Weisenbarger Building Fire
    AWTHS will have a program on August 13 at 10am at AWTHS about this topic. What do you remember about the fire? Please bring your stories, photos, clippings to the program to share with our guests. If you can’t attend in person, see AWTHS FB page to watch live or our video also on the
  • August Events
    August Events: August 6 Open Hours 9-Noon. Visit the Farmers Market -open every Saturday morning. Vendors Welcome (no set up fees and come when you can). Program August 13 at 10am.”The Day Words Went Up In Flames”. The Arcanum Public Library, Post Office, Arcanum Lockers and Clark Hardware originally the Weisenbarger Building on West George
  • Open Doors September 17
    Some of AWTHS collections. AWTHS will be a part of Ohio’s Open Doors on September 17 from 1-5pm at 123 West George in Arcanum, Ohio. We are a host site for Ohio Open Doors–a 10 day event when Ohio historic buildings and landmarks open their doors for special tours and events. We’ve created a special
  • Underground Railroads Stations Preble County
    Donne Hayden was our speaker at AWTHS in June and did a wonderful presentation on the Quakers in Preble County, Darke County and IN. There was a voluminous amount of material presented on many topics including the Underground Railroad Stations, routes, and people involved. Here we’ve included a small sample if you wish to follow
  • Mary Wert Thatcher
    Mary was born November 10, 1807 in New Jersey to Nancy Slater and Godfrey Wert per  Her mother passed away in 1810 and the father must have remarried as there is recordings of half brothers and half sisters.  Actually 12 siblings! Mary married Moses Thatcher in 1831 when she was 24 years old.  Her
  • Mollie Clark and Sylvester Rynearson
    Sylvester and Mollie (Clark) Rynearson and son Eddy 1882. This is one of the families we plan to mention at our July 9 Ithaca Cemetery program at 9am. Mollie was the daughter of John and Sarah Clark who lived on Littles Road, west of Arcanum. We aren’t going to “spill all the beans” but give
  • Clark Family
    Sarah Bowyer & John D. Clark Sarah was born 1820 and died September 7 1901. John was born 1814 and died 1905 John and I had 8 children:  Mary, who married Sylvester Rynearson, A Civil War surgeon and Captain. Sarepta who married Mr. Burkett who was an artist and painted our house upon a visit.
  • July Events
    William Colville July AWTHS Events: July 2 Open Hours at AWTHS 9-noon. July 9 at Ithaca Cemetery beginning at 9am-“If These Stones Could Talk: live in-person program on early settlers. Rain date July 16. These photos are some of the characters and places we will be talking about at the Ithaca Cemetery: John Colville, Mary
  • Diana Griffin Good & Christian Good
    Stairs Christian Good built in old Smith House currently Troutwines Auto Business. Jeannie Miller researched and wrote this bio about this family and is a descendant as well. She portrayed Diana, as Christian Good’s wife, at the July cemetery tour program. My name is Diana Griffin Good.  I was born 1818 in Pennsylvania. Years later,
  • Phoebe Howe Ashley
    Written by Vicky Krogg for her character for the July Cemetery Walk. Vicky is a direct descendant of the family. PHOEBE HOWE ASHLEY William Ashley’s wife Her Name was Phoebe Howe Ashley. She was born 19th Feb 1761 New Marlborough Berkshire Co MASS Her Father was Nehemiah Howe and her Mother was Beulah Wheeler. Beulah’s
  • Clark Home
    This information was written by William Gunder but never published. It was one of his books he hoped to write about historic homes of Arcanum but Bill died in 2015. This work is to be credited sorely to William Gunder. CLARK HOME – 10 North MainSouth West corner of Main and George StreetsThis lot was
  • June Events
    June 4 Open Hours from 9-noon at AWTHS. June 11 at 10am Donne Hayden will discuss Preble County Quaker and Darke County Families helping runaway salves through the Underground Railroad. Donne who authored “A Sense of the Meeting” will share unpublished work concerning the abolitionist/antislavery activities and relationships of Quakers and free black communities in
  • May Events
    May AWTHS Events: May 6 students assist Serve Arcanum. May 7 Open Hours 9-noon at AWTHS including research library. May 12 at 7pm Todd Clemmons will present about the Dayton-Union Railroad system and it’s influence on Arcanum and the surrounding community. Guests will be invited to share their stories and experiences. Todd is preparing to
  • Leonard and Walter Swank Portrait
    Acquisition acquired of Swank boys-family of Esta and Pearl Swank. Thru several researchers we acquired the following story about this portrait.  It was taken in 1914. Walter and Leonard’s parents were Esta and Pearl (Holsinger) Swank.  Sibling is Olive O’Dell born 1904.  Thru Leonard’s obit we find he was born in Monroe Township April 26,
  • Baumgarnder and Schearer Names
    AWTHS had a good question regarding the earliest burial in Twin Township.Per Anita Short’s cemetery readings, we read about Ithaca Cemetery that the oldest stone or burial is RICHARD ROBBINS – d. 3.7.1825 ae 44-7-14 War of 1812. Now this was taken from actual stone readings meaning stones that were still present in the 1960’s.
  • Jeanette Brock Burke’s Family
    Photo from Jeanette Burke’s book “Down Memory Lane”: Ed Brock, Eve (Wert) and Jeanette Brock. The following information and story is from clips from Jeanette’s book “Down Memory Lane” by Jeanette Burke as well as obits, notes and photos given to awths by Jean Price, family of Jeanette. Wert’s Peter Wert and son Watson, ran
  • Interurban Traction Line
    Traction Line at Ithaca This info was written by William Gunder, past member, researcher and writer of AWTHS. Bill was working on articles on transportation, including the railroad and traction line, previous to his passing in 2015. Those of you who are familiar with Arcanum’s history, know Bill’s great grandfather, William Gunder was the Founder
  • The Hamilton Family of Ithaca
    In the Beers History of Darke County dated 1880 we come across the bio for Dr. John Hamilton, surgeon and physician for Ithaca.  I’m thinking that it is noteworthy for Ithaca to have a physician that identifies also as a surgeon.  From research and census records, we find he was in Ithaca in 1875.  Prior
  • Historical Society Network
    AWTHS is part of the Historical Society Network, HSN for short, formed out of Preble County Historical Society for like minded historical societies and organizations who are historically engaged and wish to preserve history while helping promote historical societies and activities in general. Please visit the HSN and view the exciting podcasts and archives that
  • Thomas Family of Ithaca
    Photo from Jeanette Brock Burke’s book “Down Memory Lane 1901-1971”. People in photo: Back Row-Wm Thomas, Percy Hamilton, Clarence Colville, Henry Colville, Wm. McInturf. Front Row-Jeanette Brock Burke, Ruth Thomas, Glen Thomas, unknown. Jacob and Mary Thomas History Jake or Jacob Thomas started the Thomas Store in Ithaca prior to the Civil War in 1859.
  • Ithaca Thomas Store
    The Thomas Store…Ithaca Ohio At the intersection of Rt 503 and Cross Street, a building once stood known as The Thomas Store. According to the Greenville Daily Advocate, dated July 23, 1952, a clipping provided by the Greenville Library Genealogy Department, we read a few fascinating lines about The Thomas Store from the site:
  • 2022 Yearly Events & Programs
    Home of AWTHS-Located 123 W. George Street in Arcanum Please note AWTHS regular open hours are the First Saturday of the Month from 9-noon UNLESS noted otherwise. All programs (except noted) are free and open to the public, including students. April 9 Open 2-4 pm for the public and Arcanum Alumni. House Tours, displays, and
  • April Events
    April open hours at AWTHS will change from April 2 to April 9 from 2-4pm. We will welcome AHS alumni for the Homecoming weekend as well as the general public. House tours will be conducted on the half hours with the last tour at 3:30. Please follow our AWTHS FB page and event for updates.
  • Gordon and the Families
    One cannot tell the complete story without mentioning the Gordon family and history since we read about the naming of Gordon being from the “wife’s father” who was Phillip Gordon 1788-1857.  From the Greenville Advocate, Friday, April 28, 1967 we read Gordon’s name originally came from France and was pronounced Gourdon.  Due to troublesome times
  • County Roads
    Midway on Rt. 49. Photo courtesy of the Archer family. County Roads from newspaper clips. Route 9 will become a Federal Highway, part of the national highway system and will be known as No. 127.  The last pavement was laid, making a completely paved road from Cincinnati to the Michigan line.  (Arcanum Times March 26,
  • March Events
    March 5 from 9am-noon will be AWTHS regular Open First Saturday hours. Located at 123 W. George Street in Arcanum, the historic saloon and hotel later known as Beck’s Hotel and lastly the Wayne Trail Grange, became home to Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society. The house is open to tour with displays from Arcanum and
  • Part Two The Blizzard
    Now the rest of the story by C. Wayne Davis Shortly after John left our house, there was a knock at the kitchen door.  Mother was in the kitchen and went to see who would be out on a night like this.  She knew that no car could come up the lane because of the
  • The Blizzard
    Greenwood or Greenbush One Room School House on McCool Road This story was written by C. Wayne Davis and given to Normal Rhoades, his teacher. Later it was given to AWTHS by Janet Rhoades. THE  WINTER STORM  OF  1936 by  C.Wayne Davis I remember the day.  It was Wednesday, January 22, 1936. I was thirteen-years-old
  • New Tips for House Research
    This website with links was sent to AWTHS so we are passing the information on to our readers who are interested in researching their home. This information is not from AWTH’S personal research so please read our blog’s disclaimer and information. Additional Resources Using Written Archives to Discover the History of Your House Public
  • January Events 2022
    AWTHS will be closed New Years Day. We will be open for visitors Saturday, January 8, 2022 from 9-noon. Appointments for research are recommended. Message or email awths to schedule. Please follow our Facebook page for postings, events and details.
  • Membership Time!
    AWTHS and APS are offering a special savings to join both organizations. Details are above in flyer. Checks can be mailed to either organization, but to AWTHS use the PO Box 4, Arcanum, OH 45304. Questions? Please use the general email for AWTHS: [email protected] email. Or call Sharon Troutwine, number on flyer. Both are great
  • Village’s First Christmas Tree
    Arcanum’s tradition of the Village Christmas tree began in 1922 per “Christmas in the Village” in the Arcanum Chronicles by William Gunder and Anita Short. Which by the way are for sale at AWTHS. The tree was placed at the intersection of West George and North High. It was sponsored by women of various clubs
  • Researching Your Home
    AWTHS did an earlier blog and post on researching your home which included many tips and we encourage you to read the post. We wish to update this subject with some new information we’ve came across over this past year. Several questions we are asked are: Who lived in my home or property prior
  • Upcoming Events
    On November 11 at 7pm at AWTHS, David Kepler will be presenting a Veterans program on Honoring USA Armed Forces for their Services. Make plans to attend. If you have photos or memobrilia of your family you would like to share for our files, please bring copies to the program or email to [email protected]. Our
  • September Civil War Program
    Robert Wiest will be presenting Join us at Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society on Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 7pm at 123 W. George Street in Arcanum, Ohio. Arcanum local Robert Wiest will explain the beautiful simplicity of Civil War technology. He’ll explore how the industrial revolution and advances in science and engineering perfected musket
  • AWTHS Summer Events
    Please join us at AWTHS for our summer events as well as area community happenings. JUNE Every Saturday morning the Veterans Market (Farmers Market) will be open for vendors to set up for free during the summer. Shoppers please support our local small businesses. Vendors can send us photos to post on our FB page
  • Violet Jelly
    First attempt violet jelly What’s the best or most different jelly or jam you’ve ever made? My friend posted a recipe for violet jelly on FB. I thought why not? It’s very pretty and violets are known to detox the blood and be a good tonic. First, the hardest part is gathering enough violet flowers
  • Those “Little Buildings”…Summer Kitchen?
    1975 Located behind Arcanum Public Library-once part of Ivester House Recently we posted this question on our AWTHS FB page regarding “What are those little buildings sitting behind a main house”? What was their purpose or what were they called? We received a variety of comments among them: summer kitchen, smoke house, root cellar, storage
  • Spring Houses, Pump and Water Sheds
    Pump shed Twin Twp. which had troughs for cool water to keep food products. A windmill sat on this property at one time. We are continuing our blog series after writing last time about summer kitchens, smoke houses and root cellars. We copy from Wikipedia about springhouses: A spring house, or springhouse, is a small building, usually
  • Margaret Dickey Barklow
    Margaret’s school certificate probably from 8th grade Margaret was born 1918 and her parents are Bessie Landis and Hershel Dickey.  She married John Barklow on December 24, 1940. From the certificate photo above, we have Margaret graduating in Monroe Township in 1932.  We are assuming it’s her 8th grade graduation as it states completion to
  • Mt. Summit School Quilt
    Owner Jo Ella McLear Michael from her mother who attended One Room School House This beautiful quilt photo was posted on Franklin-Monroe’s Alumni page by quilt owner, Jo Ella Michael. Jo Ella was asking questions about the location of this school house and after a lengthy discussion between many posters, we gathered the following information
  • The Landis Family
    Saw mill on or near the Landis farm on Rt. 722 Monroe Township This story and photos are from Myra Coleman. The photo is believed to be on or near the Landis Farm which sat back a long lane on Rt. 722 with a old brick house, red barns, and several out buildings. Bessie Landis
  • Inez Michael Brumbaugh Family
    Inez Brumbaugh and her mother Emma’s collection Inez Michael was born October 18, 1904 and married Delbert Brumbaugh in 1923.   They had one daughter, Betty, who is Annette Stewart’s mother.  Inez lived as a child at the corner of Gordan-Landis Road and Hollansburg Sampson.  We are guessing Inez may have made these two pieces as
  • Joan Rench Family Heirlooms
    This Arcanum area crafter, Joan Rench, is well known to many. She is known for her beautiful brick home northwest of Arcanum and the many articles she has made and displayed at the Domestic Arts building at the Great Darke County Fair each year. From quilts to sewing to hook rugs and needle work I
  • Marietta Culbertson Fourman & Dola Fourman Brumbaugh Quilts
    Called “Glorified” Nine Patch or Orange Peel quilt of Marietta Marietta Culbertson Fourman was born 14 December 1856.  She married Henry O. Fourman 13 August 1874 according to their family Bible records.   They had two children, Samuel who died young and Isidor Agnes (Dola) who was second born in 1880.  Marietta passed 29 October 1940. 
  • Quilt Display at Arcanum Library
    During the month of May, various quilts from the community will be on display at the Arcanum Public Library. The display is sponsored by the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society and will feature family quilts and textiles from the Bev Rench family, Jo Michael family, and Annette Stewart family. The public is encouraged to stop
  • Log House Builder’s-The Fryman’s
    Fryman Log Home uncovered in 2017 and taken down Last blog we told about the need for the log house to either be repaired or come down and explained the step by step process. This blog tells the story of the farm’s owners and about the Fryman family who signed the log home and are
  • The Log House
    Log House 2016 before taken down This is dedicated to all lovers of history and my dad, Dale Sease, who didn’t get to see the entire process fulfilled. This story is about the two story log house on my parent’s property, owners the late Dale Sease and Betty Sease.  Address is 1724 Karr Road in
  • Glass Slides in Collection
    The AWTHS has a collection of glass slides of various businesses and individuals in town that were donated by Joan Rench.  According to her daughter, Bev Rench, we were told the slides were bought from Roland Gilbert.  We do not know how or when Rolland obtained them.  If anyone has info about the glass slides,
  • Chancellor Brothers
    When AWTHS did the Arcanum video series last summer with Cary Wogoman he mentioned the Chancellor house at the corner of 1st and Locust when we were in the area.  In looking thru “The Arcanum Business book” we read several pages and places about the Chancellor’s and their involvement in various businesses and the community.
  • The Coverlet
    Story from Karen Ernst We have more wonderful stories from Grubbs Rex Road in the mid 1800’s in Monroe Township to share with our readers. Did you ever study the census records that had ag reports attached? From these old reports it list how much the buildings were worth on the farm, what animals were
  • The Swank Quilt
    By Karen Ernst Some of you may have heard of the Miami Valley Album Quilts which were made late 1800’s-early 1900’s and primarily were quilters in the SE section of Darke County around Monroe Township, and in Miami County around Laura and Potsdam and also Phillipsburg in Montgomery County . Quilts were known for certain

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  1. May… National Historic Preservation Month. More to the old house preservation project: As a note I found that prior to the Kuskie’s purchasing this home that extensive work was done to the home. Readers probably remember the Littel’s living here for many years. My brother, Fred, farmed the ground and would talk to him. Interesting fellow. Anyways this house was in pretty bad shape-the bricks were crumbling, no heat system, old wiring and plumbing. Per past owner, the brick foundation was rebuilt, new windows put in, roof, electric and heating system. So THANK YOU to all who have helped restore and save this old house!

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