The Rails & Tales of the Dayton Union: The Early Years by Todd Clemmons

Todd Clemmons has released his new book about the D&U Railroad in time for Christmas! The flyer below has all the details but a percentage of the proceeds will go to Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society. At this time, the book is available at Fourman’s Variety on West George in Arcanum and The S &

Young Family of Pitsburg

This article on the Young family of Pitsburg and Pitsburg Hotel was researched and written by Carolyn Stutz Temte who was a past resident of Pitsburg and has helped us research Pitsburg for our recent “Pitsburg Businesses” program. I researched Google books, Books out of print, The New York Public Library, Library of Congress and

Terry Lavy’s Pitsburg Memories

Written by Terry Lavy September 4, 2023 1947 Lavy Grain & Feed in Pitsburg, OH, on Jefferson Street I am 87 year old Terry Lavy retired Arkansas University Professor of Weed Science living near Lowell Arkansas.  Much of this may be too detailed and too corny for your publication.  Feel free to shorten, delete some

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