There are many ways you can donate to the Arcanum Wayne Trails Historical Society; from money to time to historical items to information. AWTHS is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting and disseminating the history of Southern Darke County and the Village of Arcanum located in Southwestern Ohio. If you would like more information about making any kind of donation email us at [email protected]

  • You can make a tax deductible contributions to the AWTHS to be used to upkeep the building and support the many programs the AWTHS sponsors. Some of those programs include working to get some of the older building in the area designated as historical sites, and hosting workshops to help preserve cemeteries and headstones.
    • Currently we are only able to except cash or check donation. Make checks payable to Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society
      • Mail to AWTHS P.O. Box 4, Arcanum Oh 45304
      • or give to an AWTHS board member
  • We have many opportunities for you to volunteer your time once you become a member. These opportunities are discussed more on the Volunteer page.
  • If you have historical memorabilia or photos from Southern Darke County, the Village of Arcanum, Gordon, Ithaca, Castine or any of the small communities in this area that you wish to donate or loan to the AWTHS.
    • All items donated must have a completed Acquisition Card included when the item is delivered to the AWTHS building.

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