May Events

AWTHS Open Hours are Saturday, May 4 from 9-noon. Join us as we’ll be highlighting AWTHS 20th anniversary all year long with special remembrances at programs and through social media posts.

May’s program is Thursday, May 9 at 7pm with presenter Kelli Bergheimer- writer, teacher, editor and international genealogical speaker on DNA and Genealogy.

Kelli is director of Curriculum and Assessments for Blue Kayak, a K-12 textbook company and Director of Education for “Your DNA Guide”. During Kelli’s presentation she will focus on Migration and Research.

“Have you ever traced your family through various types of migration? Come hear the story of the Calderwoods and Robesons, from Scotland through Pennsylvania, floating down the Ohio River to Cincinnati, living a few years in Dayton, and then to “The Beach” in Darke County. Come and hear one family’s migration story and their impact in shaping the early history of Darke County.”

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