John Gunder #11 and Capt. Daniel Gunder #13

We are continuing our Gunder children stories of the Founder of Arcanum, William and Nancy.

Gunder Child #11
John C. He was born 1842. Died at 7 years old. He was buried near his mother, Nancy also at Ithaca Cemetery.
John died of Cholera during the epidemic of 1849-1850. (Arcanum’s Founding)
His mother also died from Cholera in 1849 along with Nancy’s father, Martin Rice, in Preble County.

Gunder Child #13:
Capt. Daniel Gunder was born 1846. He was a soldier and merchant and also was a teacher in Shelby County, OH.
He served during the Civil War in the 152nd Regiment in 1864.
Daniel was married to Maggie Lucinda Margaret Snorf in 1867. In 1868 they purchased a farm in Jay County, IN from his father’s estate. Next they moved to Marion Co. IN where Maggie taught and Daniel worked with his brother, George, in the dry goods store.
In 1883 Daniel began organization of the Militant Dept. of the Canton Marion #6 IOOF. Daniel and his group traveled the United States and Canada.
Maggie had seven sisters, one being Mrs. Sarah Anne the wife of George Gunder.
We have no record of children being born to this couple. Both are buried in the IOOF Cemetry in Marion, Indiana.

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