Baumgarnder and Schearer Names

AWTHS had a good question regarding the earliest burial in Twin Township.Per Anita Short’s cemetery readings, we read about Ithaca Cemetery that the oldest stone or burial is RICHARD ROBBINS – d. 3.7.1825 ae 44-7-14 War of 1812. Now this was taken from actual stone readings meaning stones that were still present in the 1960’s.

It was brought up from the Beers Book, Beers, W. H. & co., Chicago, Publication date 1880 Page 461 regarding ” Here was buried Jacob Baumgarnder, who died in the spring of 1817, and was the first burial in the township.”Now the question is when was Ithaca Cemetery deeded? Was the cemetery established before Ithaca platted in 1832? There were settlers before Ithaca was actually platted and Twin Township was formed in 1817. We also know that farm burials were done including small family plots. Such is the case of William Ashley who served in the Revolutionary War and died 1828. At our cemetery walk we will learn more about William Ashley.

Other farm burials we’re aware of are George Fourman on Gordan-Landis Road. And the DeHoff’s in Monroe Township.What family plots do you know of? These were closed way back in the mid 1800’s and some are probably lost to time. Those existing are broken stones on private land and some have no stones remaining.We also read about the deaths of the very first home steaders who fell to the tomahawk. You can read about their names in the Arcanum…a secret place book.

The name we are seeking information about today is the Shearer and Bumgardner (Baumgardner) families. Any descendants out there?Read about the entry on Find-a-Grave:…/238953619/jacob-baumgardner

Please comment or message AWTHS if you have information about these families or the early first settlers, burials, or farm plots.

Please remember to respect people’s privacy and permission is needed to explore forgotten cemeteries on private land.

Please follow AWTHS blog guidelines regarding sharing and crediting sources. In this article reference is made to Anita Short’s Cemetery Readings as well as the Beers book so credit to these reference materials is due as well as the Arcanum…a secret place.

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