The Rails & Tales of the Dayton Union: The Early Years by Todd Clemmons

Todd Clemmons has released his new book about the D&U Railroad in time for Christmas!

The flyer below has all the details but a percentage of the proceeds will go to Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society. At this time, the book is available at Fourman’s Variety on West George in Arcanum and The S & S Vintage Warehouse, also on West George, on Saturday’s. Cash sales please.

If you live out of town, the books are available through Todd. The books are $25 which includes shipping. Otherwise, they are $20 cash at the Arcanum Businesses.

Research for the book was made possible by the AWTHS archives and the Arcanum Times Newspapers, which are accessible through our research-reference library. Community residents also contributed their stories of the railroad for the publication so this is a worthwhile read about the rail line going through Arcanum and the surrounding countryside coming up through Gordon, Ohio to Arcanum and on north to Union City.

Please follow AWTHS blog guidelines. This flyer is property of AWTHS and Todd Clemmons.

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