John Brown: Pitsburg Memories

My name is John Brown and I am the youngest child of Richard and Phyllis Brown. 
Richard (Dad) owned an automotive (body) shop on Brown Street from 1959 to 1965.  We are not certain when Brown street was aptly named, but we lived across the street from a cousin, Donovan Brown.

Phyllis (Mom) was the owner (originally a co-owner) of the Blue Top restaurant renamed to the J&J which stood for June & Jean.  Jean was s friend of mom, family named Lincoln.  I remember the Lincoln’s because they had a son my age (Riley) who was s childhood friend.  I do not know how the relationship developed in the joint purchase of the J&J but the Lincoln’s left Pitsburg as Riley’s dad had s business associated with the organizers or carnival company responsible for the Darke County Fair.  The Lincoln family relocated to West Palm beach Florida. 

Of the businesses I remember:  starting from the North end of town:

There was a Sohio station at the corner on the North end of Main Street.  Our veterinarian had the farthest business in the north end of town, but I seem to recall a dentist also bring nearby.  I don’t recall the name of the Vet at the moment but given some effort I may be able to find them in my memory if given the time.  Our parents were friends. 

Riley’s grocery was adjacent to the J&J to the north.  To the east (behind) the J&J was the fertilizer plant.  The manager of the plant was named Gene.  Given time I nay be able to recall his last name.  I recall him because Dad suggested test if I mowed the yard owned by the fertilizer plant when I mowed the yard behind the J&J – Gene would pay me- my first paid job as a kid.  I was paid but it was NOT union wages. $4.50 for the entire summer.  He paid me with a typed business check.  There was an abandon tobacco warehouse south of the fertilizer plant directly behind the restaurant.

Crossing the railroad tracks moving south we had the grain silo and a grain business. On the East side of main was a warehouse loading dock used by the railroad.  There was another business moving south on the west side of main but I don’t recall the nature of the business. 

On the east side was the Barber shop and the hardware store.  On the next block south was the post office on the east side and the savings & loan on the west.  I had my first passbook account at the savings and loan.

Continuing south was Long Furniture on the east side and the Longs lived across the street. They had a daughter one of my classmates. 

Continuing was a Methodist church on the East. 

On the south end of town there was what I seem to recall may have been a Presbyterian church across from the school. 

I seem to recall a Tasty Freeze and gas station where Hwy 49 intersected Main Street.

The fire station was east of the hardware store and post office. 

Please let me know what kind of memories you are looking for about Pitsburg.  I was just a little kid and the memories spotty but I do have many unique memories.

All Gods Best,

John Brown

*In writing John we made a few additions and corrections to names:

The grocery store was owned by Riesley’s.  Schlossers was the vet.  And the church at the south end was the Lutheran. I also think some of the east and west sides should be flip flopped. It can be confusing which side of the street because it depends whether you are going south or north in Pitsburg.

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