Historical Society Network

AWTHS is part of the Historical Society Network, HSN for short, formed out of Preble County Historical Society for like minded historical societies and organizations who are historically engaged and wish to preserve history while helping promote historical societies and activities in general.

Please visit the HSN and view the exciting podcasts and archives that are available. Eventually AWTHS will be featured as an affiliate page. https://www.historicalsocietynetwork.com/stream Women in Aviation – May 21st, 1981 (Women’s History Month Special)This episode is the archived audio track from one of our oral history interviews and is our special episode for Women’s History Month. The interview took place on May 21st, 1981 and was a part of our Preble County Historical Society collection. The Historical Society Network and Preble County Historical Society would like to remind our listeners that quotes, thoughts and opinions solely belong to the interviewee. These tapes are published in historical context and content may not reflect values we hold true today. Thank you for your understanding.

Please follow the HSN guidelines and see their releases.

Also please follow AWTHS blog guidelines as well concerning any copying or sharing of materials.

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