Dicey Gunder And Elizabeth Gunder

AWTHS will be sharing some posts about the children of William and Nancy Gunder. They will not appear in order of birth as some post are longer than others, so please keep that in mind as you read them.

Gunder Child #1 of William and Nancy (Rice) Gunder
Dicey Gunder was born 1822 in a log house on Littles Road.
Married to George Fauklner.  They lived north of Painter Creek.  George was a farmer, plasterer and land owner as well as is speculated finishing some of the early buildings of Arcanum in the 1850’s. 
They had two children:  Henry and John.
Trying to find burial location of family.

Do you have any information or photos of this family to share with AWTHS?

Child #3

Gunder Child #3: Parents William and Nancy Gunder.

Elizabeth Gunder.  Born 1826.  Married to Patrick Shields, Jr.  He was a farmer and landowner. 
The family had six children:  Caroline, Henry, William, Alice, Emma and May.
Elizabeth is buried at the IOOF Cemetery in Marion, IN.  Patrick died in Eaton in 1876.


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