Sue’s Pitsburg Memories

Written by Sue Hunt Besecker

In the spring of 1976 we were looking for a home to buy. We had been renting from 68 to 76, and it was time to get something of our own. Matt was 8 and Stephanie was 5. I wanted to find something before school started. Both kids had been enrolled at FM Elementary. For some reason I was in Pitsburg looking around and came across a house on Harrison. The kids was with me and we got out and looked around and discovered the house had been repossessed and was up for sheriff’s sale. I took all the information and to make a long story short it took all the way to November to get possession. Lots of red tape, but we finally moved in. We found out the Lion’s Club was offering photograph’s for families so we went over and had ours taken.  It’s my favorite picture of the four of us. Bob worked in Troy, at Hobart Brothers and I stayed home and took care of the kids and our new home. Pitsburg had loads of kids and young parents and the friends that we made then are still our best friends today. Between the parties, baseball games, birthday parties, eating pizza at LJ’s, school activities or just hanging on each other porches. Life was good in Pitsburg Ohio. 77-78 I worked at the school in the cafeteria, I talked my kids into having paper route, Bob and a few other parents organized a BOY Scout Troop and from that point until Matt graduated were Boy Scout parents. We had at least 6 boys earn the Eagle Scout including my Matt. I also convinced my kids to take piano lessons which they hated, but they didn’t tell me that until I told them they didn’t have to go any longer. Then it was the year of the blizzard. That was something else, Bob made it home and luckily Pitsburg actually had electricity. Bob got paid once a month back then and we had $6.00 to our name. I went down to Bob Reisley’s and bought a bag of navy beans, some candy for the kids and a 16 ounce Pepsi for me. We had everything else we needed. I baked bread, made loads of food and waited out the storm. Other people weren’t so lucky. In the 80’s I worked at the PO., up at LJ’s and was Village Clerk/Treasurer. The kids were in high school by then and I was offered a job at Sears Optical at the Salem Mall. I became a licensed dispensing Optician lasting 25 years. In 1993 Matt moved to Colorado and Stephanie was living in Columbus. Bob and I moved to Hogpath Rd. We lived in Pitsburg for 18 years and looking back it was the best decision we ever made. Our kids have great memories and are still in contact with their friends and had a great education at Franklin Monroe High School. All that has guided them in the lives and careers. Stephanie is the CIO of The Ohio EPA. Matt is City Arborist for Durango, CO. Bob and I just turned 75 years old. Time has flown by so fast. Living in Pitsburg was a happy time. Sue Besecker

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