Young Family of Pitsburg

Young Hotel

This article on the Young family of Pitsburg and Pitsburg Hotel was researched and written by Carolyn Stutz Temte who was a past resident of Pitsburg and has helped us research Pitsburg for our recent “Pitsburg Businesses” program.

I researched Google books, Books out of print, The New York Public Library, Library of Congress and various histories of Darke county. This is paraphrased into my words. 

Young Hotel

In 1888 Jacob B Young purchased a lot with a residence and store building in Pitsburg. Jacob opened a store. Later Jacob saw the need of a hotel and livery business. After twelve years (1890) Jacob sold the mercantile and kept the hotel and livery business.  Five years after Jacob sold the mercantile business a fire destroyed the store and the hotel. In the spring of1906 he built a white pressed brick two story hotel with a water system. The hotel also had a large basement. Jacob ran the business until his death July 11,1910. His widow then ran the business until she died Nov 29, 1913. Both are buried in Abbottsville. Jacob’s son, William who worked with his father, started his own mercantile and took over the hotel. William built a residence extending east and west on South Street. It too had a water system. William was a stockholder in The First National Bank which was promoted in1909. William and his wife had one son, Ray. Ray and his wife, Evell, became the owners of the restaurant. They lived in the house next to the doctor. William and Mary Young and Evell and Ray Young are buried in Abbottsville with Jacob and wife.

I believe Charles Delk, a very popular contractor in Pitsburg was the builder along with Jacob Young of the hotel after it was destroyed by fire. Charles Delk built a house on the corner of Baker and Oaks Streets. The house had a full basement, slate roof, a water system, as well as a cistern to supply water and a hot air heat system I think this is  the house where the Woodrows lived. It is katty cornered from where we lived. The Delks moved to the Hotel Pitsburg (which I think was the Young Hotel) in 1914. Mrs. Ella Delk ran the hotel and Charles worked as a contractor. Mr. Delk died in 1922.

Per Joseph’s obit, he also ran a general store along with the hotel. His wife’s name was Martha. There is a family burial plot in Abbottsville Cemetery.

Joseph Young Family (W K father)

1. Charles died in 1904 maybe suicide Abbottsville cemetery
2. William K
3.Cora wife of Allen Spitler
4.John lived in Kansas City
5. Jacob C blinded in an explosion in Colorado  became a Pitsburg businessman
6. Mary married William North and lived in Pitsburg
7. Joseph B a local farmer around Pitsburg
8. Levi died at three yrs of age Abbottsville cemetery

9 Jesse Howard died at 19 buried in Abbottsville
10. Ira Oscar died at 43 buried at Abbottsville

We believe Jacob C had a store selling tobacco products and candy in Pitsburg. It was called Clint Young’s Old Goldminer’s Cigar Store. We’re not sure of the location. Photo is in the 1976 Pitsburg publication.

The following was a combination of findings and writings from Carolyn and Annette Stewart. Richard Emery also supplied us with numerous newspaper articles, photos and ads.

William K Young Family

W K Young’s house was on the corner of Jefferson and South in Pitsburg. Per the postcard, it is says it is the business and residence of the general store. Wife’s name was Catherine and they had one son, Ray who partnered with his father in the general store and eggs and poultry business. There are many ads as well as some early photos of their business which was on the corner of Jefferson and South Street. They were in the grocery business for 30 years before getting into the poultry and egg business according to one newspaper article.

w_k_ young grocery

William’s son was Ray and wife Evell.  Had one daughter, Betty Whitacre.  Ray (per newspaper article) worked 16 years in the restaurant business and we know he had the Blue Top Restaurant on Jefferson Street.  In 1956 he retired and died in 1964 at 72 years of age.  Family buried in family plot in Abbottsville.

W K Young and wife Catherine, on their 50th anniversary

We are looking for photos of the Blue Top Restaurant as well as Ray’s family. Or any information about the Blue Top Restaurant.

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