Weisenbarger Building Fire

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The Wisenbarger Building. Now a parking lot in Arcanum.

1959 – THE ARC.ANUM TIMES – Arcanum, Ohio – published Thursday. Gigantic Fire Hits Arcanum Commercial Building. FireDestroys Four Business Places in Arcanum on Tuesday (Oct. 20).The peace of the night was suddently broken by the wail of fireengine sirens on Monday night (Oct. 19) when a five alarm fire spread through part of the business district of Arcanum. Thedowntown area has been hit hard by devastating fies during the past ten years and Monday night’s fire was the most damaging with approximately $300,000 damage estimated by Arcanum Fire Chief, Edgar Troxel. “A complete loss” were the words muttered by approximately 100 volunteer firemen as they fought the blaze over a twenty four hour period in order to offer protection to surrounding business establishments. The fire was discoveredat 12:05 a.m. SJmday R52c7—-1-8}-by cafe owner Glenn Skaggs whodiscovered smoke pouring from the back part of the formerWeisenbarger building now owned by Charles Metzgar, Greenvillerealtor. The two story brick building stands in the center part of Arcanum, one-half block west of Route 49 on w. George St.Now in ruins is the federal post office. Edgar Brown is the postmaster. Also destroyed in the fire was the Arcanum Locker Plant, J.W. Henry, owner and Clark’s Hardware, Leonard Clark, owner. On the second floor, Arcanum’s Public Library suffered complete loss. Miss Margaret Hawley is head librarian. Adjoinin the ruins is the Arcanum Hardware Store which is owned by Roy Bromagem who stood vigil through the hours, but reports nodamage to his contents due to a fire wall between the two build­ings. Bromagem recalls a similar fire in 1953 when his storewas destroyed by fire across the street from his present loca-\959 – THE ARCANUM TIMES – Arcanum, Ohio – published Thursday10-22-1959 – (Arcanum Fire – cont.) tion. Monday night’s fire was broughtunder control by the local fire department as well as Greenville/——– Pitsburg, Laura and New Madison.

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