Carl & Earlene (Netzley) Morris Family

Memories written by Earlene Morris and contributed by Jane Brown.

Gene, Jane Morris Brown and Judy Morris

Carl & Earlene (Netzley) Morris married on October 7. 1939 and started farming and housekeeping on Delisle-Fourman Road.  They went to Pitsburg, Oh, for most of their needs.  Earlene says they shopped at Kissel Grocery, sold their grain at Stoltz Grain (on east side of the main street) and delivered grain for animal feed at the mill (on the west side of the main street.)  They used Dr. Kissel as their doctor and he delivered their daughters, Judy on September 25, 1940 and Jane on October 27, 1943 at the home.  Also The Morris Family attended Trinity Lutheran Church in Pitsburg. I am sure there were other business establishments that were used, but for that time period, this was all Earlene could remember.

Earlene graduated from Monroe School in 1938, and Carl graduated Franklin School, 1936.

On December 1943, The Morris Family moved to a farm near Gordon on State Route 722.  They continued using the stores in Pitsburg and continued with Dr. Kissel, and Gene was delivered at Wayne Hospital on March 20, 1946.  Earlene used K-Don Beauty Shop and Carl used a Pitsburg Barber, but not sure of the name.  Carl always got a hamburger sandwich when in town at “The Blue Top” or whatever name the restaurant was called at that time.  They purchased appliances at Mundhenk Appliance Store, and one time during a Pitsburg Festival, Jane won $60.00 in Token to be spent at stores in Pitsburg.  She got her first bicycle ($48.00) at Mundhenk’s, and she got a permanent ($5.00) at K-Don Beauty Shop, and the rest, Dad/Carl bought animal feed at the mill and a few groceries.

Jane had many friends in her class at Monroe School who lived in Pitsburg.  Carolyn Wintrow, Karen Fisher, Kay Koontz, Charlotte Besecker, just to name the ones she recalls. 

Carl and Earlene and Family continued using Dr. Kissel until he retired and then used Dr. Heise until they changed to Dr. Mulder in Arcanum.  They also used Maxel Feed Mill in Verona and purchased groceries at Gentner’s Grocery in Gordon.

They started attend St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Ithaca, Oh, where Earlene was raised from birth.  The Thompson and the Netzley Family had always attended the Lutheran Church for many years.

Jane adds that when her daughter Rhonda was born, she was using Dr. Mulder as her family doctor, but Dr. Heise delivered Rhonda in July 1961.  When her son Randy was born, she was using Dr. Heise as her family doctor, and Dr. Mulder delivered Randy in October 1966.  Both doctors were on vacation at the time of both births.

Earlene continues to try to remember the past years and she says her memory is rusty, but she does a great job remembering many things.  She may not remember today but she may be able to talk about it tomorrow. 

Earlene was born October 5, 1920.  Carl was born July 28, 1917, died December 26, 1999.

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