May National Preservation Month

May is the time of the year when numerous historical societies, the government, and preservation groups join forces to promote the importance of preserving historical places. Many times, wealthy individuals who love art and culture, as well as businesses, join the preservation cause since a city that is rich in heritage is bound to benefit the economy in the long run. If you have also realized how important our heritage is, use this month to promote the cause. Your efforts may save many old structures from crumbling apart.


Exemplary heritage sites and cultural landmarks exist across the world. Unfortunately, not all nations realize how important the preservation of heritage sites are. For instance, many developing countries let important historic buildings suffer the test of time. On the other hand, developed nations dedicate time and money to preservation. This is because historians have realized the importance of heritage sites decades back, and have also joined forces to promote preservation.

In 1920, the Preservation Society of Charleston was founded to educate people and make them aware of the importance of preserving heritage sites. After the efforts of the society, Charleston became the first city to pass a local zoning ordinance that protected historic buildings. The zoning ordinance was later used by numerous regions across the U.S. to preserve heritage sites. The first National Preservation Week, however, was celebrated in 1973, from May 6 to May 12. The idea was pitched in 1972 by Donald T. Sheehan, a member of the Trustees Advisory Committee on Membership & Public Relations. He believed the week would encourage local and state preservation. However, in 2005, the National Trust for Historic Preservation extended the week to a month to promote historic places and heritage tourism correctly.

Preservation of these sites is important to preserve history, customs, and the identity of a nation. These sites help in differentiating one nation from the other. For instance, the Colosseum in Rome stands tall as a historical landmark that explains the traditions of ancient Rome.

  1. Visit a museumDuring this month, arrange visits to different museums across the city with friends or kids in your family. This is essential to show everyone why preserving our culture and heritage is important.
  2. Visit a heritage siteTo truly enjoy the month, visit one of your favorite heritage sites and bask in the glory of the past. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to further promote the cause on social media.
  3. Talk about conservationIf you want people to be more concerned about preserving the heritage of a country, design posters, write articles and make videos to discuss why this is essential. Start posting away on social media!

We encouraged you to get involved in your community’s preservation efforts. Along with the tips above, attend meetings about preservation and history and get involved by volunteering or helping with preservation of artifacts or buildings. Whatever your interest are. Other examples are writing your family history and stories. Volunteers are the backbone of these organizations as well as our community’s benefitting.

So preserve, volunteer and help restore or build your community where you live!

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