William Gunder (Founder) Siblings

As mentioned in the previous blog about Peter Gunder, SR, William Gunder’s father, we will continue this series on the siblings of William’s.

Our source is through Find-a-Grave and some notes of Wayne Gunder although a few of the family siblings were researched by other researchers and we will note them where indicated. Please give credit to those researchers and sources. There is limited information also in Bill Gunder’s book “The Secret Town”. But as it seems in researching, new or different research does sometimes surface and with the internet, researchers and people have been able to connect, share, and use the on line records. Something that can be a advantage but caution is needed with this technology. Also, some family members may have access to records that are unavailable publicly as well.

William’s siblings up to date: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/237971493/peter-gunder

Henry E. Gunder1787–1864 Barbara Gunder Notestine1788–1860 Mary Polly Gunder Carpenter1789–1854 Peter Gunder1795–1864 William Henry Gunder1797–1863 Elizabeth Gunder Clymer1799–1894 Daniel Gunder1802–1875.

Barbara Gunder Notestine was a different researcher as well as Elizabeth Gunder Clymer. Sources are listed at the end of each bio for the above. They are very interesting to read and by clicking on each name it will take you to the next generation where parents, spouse, children and siblings may be listed.

Please follow AWTHS blog guidelines and give credit to Wayne Gunder, Barbara Gunder Notestine and Elizabeth Gunder Clymer as well as Find a Grave.

We also found a correction to William and Nancy (Rice) Gunder marriage information location. It is not Fairfield County, Ohio but Preble County, Ohio instead.

The marriage of William Gunther (1797-1863) to Nancy Rice (1805-1849). Per the Fairfield County Genealogical Society, they were married on 02 August 1821, (her at the age of 16, him at the age of 24) in Preble County, Ohio. Preble County.

After Nancy died in 1849, William married a Huldah Loy on 15 December 1850 in Preble County, Ohio, she was about 42 and he was about 53, in Preble County, Ohio. 

We may have these records in AWTHS library as we have a pretty extensive Preble County set of records. They are available during our open hours or by appointment. [email protected]. They are available on line as well. Check through Ancestry of Family Search. Also the Preble County Research Library-Genealogy records at Eaton, Ohio.

If you are a descendant or have family records like a family Bible or photos we would love to hear from you! Some information has been written about William and Nancy and their children at AWTHS as well as blogs so check it out: The Secret Town book by William (Bill) Gunder, the great grandson. A Ithaca driving tour brochure and the Gunder’s designated historic site in Arcanum located by the Arcanum Public Library on North Street as well as their graves in Ithaca Cemetery.

https://awths.org/publications/book-for-sale/. https://awths.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/HISTORIC-DRIVING-TOUR-Addendum2022.pdf

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