Family Reunions

Summers and family reunions seem to go hand-in-hand. Many would post their upcoming reunion in the local newspapers. With social media, I’ve seen a few posted on Facebook. It seems emails and texting have replaced written invitations and phone conversations. But however the message and date is announced, the reunion is about bringing the family […]

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The Rhubarb Patch

How many have a rhubarb patch? It seems most homes or farms do. I remember as a child ours was behind the swing set. Two huge plants. Every year Mom would pull the stalks and make rhubarb pie or cobbler. Not really my favorite then. Later I heard the outhouse sat by the rhubarb plants. […]

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From My Window

By Pam Drake My bedroom window overlooked the backyard and barnyard. It was a window on the world for a little farm girl. Many a time I sat there looking out, watching chickens outside the chicken house pecking in the dirt for worms and cows milling at the back gate. Many mornings I saw Dad […]

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