Glass Slides in Collection

The AWTHS has a collection of glass slides of various businesses and individuals in town that were donated by Joan Rench.  According to her daughter, Bev Rench, we were told the slides were bought from Roland Gilbert.  We do not know how or when Rolland obtained them.  If anyone has info about the glass slides, year, what or how they were used please contact AWTHS.  We are wondering if possibly these were from the Chancellor Brother’s collection of photos and photography business or the movie theatre.

Here are some more examples and a list that was with the slides but we don’t know if they correlate with the slides.

We could use a volunteer during Open Hours go thru the slides and put them in order as well as check them against the above list or make a new list of the slides contents. Please contact Annette Stewart if interested.

If you have any info how the slides may have been used (photography-film projector etc.) the year or where they came from originally please contact AWTHS.

Please note copyright guidelines on this blog and photos for AWTHS

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