Writing Your Story

Have you always wanted to write your family story in an understandable manner but didn’t know how or where to start? This blog will give some quick tips to get you started. First, decide if you are only doing family stories or incorporating some genealogy with dates such as birth dates, marriages and so forth.

If you are including genealogy, collect what records you have from the family-birth, death, marriage records. Include photos, scrapbook items, memorabilia. Talk to family members. Gather materials and data from research facilities or courthouse locations on lacking data for family members.

Sources of Records

When you have the data collected, record in a Family Group Sheet. This gives you a record which makes writing or putting into a computer genealogy software program easier. Also facilitates the writing process. Include your sources for documentation. It is easier to organize and retrieve the FGS if put in binder with tabs for each surname. One sheet is done for each generation.

Sample of Family Group Sheet
Writing the Chapters

Now you can begin writing your stories. It is easier to organize by making each surname (family last name) as a separate document. Stories can be written in Word or whatever software program your accustomed to. Once you have your “chapters” written then put all the chapters together for book form.

It helps to keep a separate binder for each family name with paper records and tabbed by the different generations. This helps for retrieval, edits, additions and further research. Digital photos and records can be organized in folders as well.

So get gathering, researching and writing! What’s stopping you? Now is a good time to record those memories. Would make a great birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift.

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