• History of Castine United Methodist
    Earlier the first preaching in the vicinity was at the home of Samuel Coblentz in the area of Otterbein Chapel.  In 1840 a rough log church was constructed. According to the Otterbein Chapel United Brethren Church, it was a part of the Greenville Circuit.  Also Castine.  The first United Brethren Church in Castine was built […]
  • Brownies…Memories of Arcanum
    Our crew did some short video clips around Arcanum this summer to capture some childhood and memories of earlier times in Arcanum. Our guests were Cary Wogoman and Mike Fout. David Baker did the videoing and Annette Stewart was along from AWTHS to interview and coordinate the event. Many thanks to the team of Cary, […]
  • Historic Bears Mill and the Stoltz Owners
    Recently the subject of Bears Mill, a historic working grist mill located on Arcanum-Bears Mill Road, was brought up by one of our friends- Mark and Cindi Stoltz.  Mark’s ancestors were owners of the mill way back in 1873 and also with another owner until 1884. Mark shared his family history with me and in […]
  • Arcanum Wayne Trail Grange
    This historical building at 123 W. George Street was originally the Wayne Trail Grange and presently is the home today of the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society. As you read the accounting of the Grange history you will see the rich history of this building. The Arcanum Times 1-10-1963 – Grange Busy Historical Property in […]
    The Opera House located on the second floor of the City Building at 102-104 West South in Arcanum could well be called a center of the community social activity. It was leased on a yearly basis with the manager providing entertainment such as minstrels, stage shows, comic opera productions, etc. The first moving pictures shown […]
  • Arcanum Horse Racing, Horse Tracks, and Darke County Fair
    Info is from William Gunder’s  and Anita Short’s book “Arcanum Chronicles”, chapter on Fast Horses. Horse photo and info from Dixie Baker Kepler of her grandfather, Dale Baker and Peter-At-Law. Fast horses and horse racing was of extreme importance to Darke County including the Arcanum area.  Among those horse lovers was Lon Smith who owned […]
  • We Didn’t Know by Pam Loxley Drake
    Neff Road was a place, the people, the time, but also, Neff Road is reflective of this rural community tucked away in western Ohio. We were probably no different than other areas of the country during the WWII years. Soldiers from our area fought in the war. Farmers worked in the fields to raise food […]
  • Marj Heyduck and the Arcanum Library
    Marj Heyduck Involvement with Arcanum Library Taken from the Arcanum Chronicles Vol. 2 by William Gunder as well as various notes in the AWTHS library files including interviews and articles by Marj and the “Third And Main” articles. Dayton Journal Herald columnist, Marj Heyduck, wrote extensively in her daily “Third And Main” column about the […]
  • Arcanum Library Locations
    Locations of Arcanum’s Public Libraries-how many do you remember? Info from the Arcanum Chronicles Vol. 2 for sale for $18, Arcanum Public Library and Historic Ivester House by William Gunder. The first Library location was in a room over Smith’s Store rented for $4 per month.  The Arcanum Public Library opened on January 25, 1911 […]
  • The Old Mantel By Pam Loxley Drake
    The old piece of wood sits against the wall. A lovely old piece full of memories of a house back the lane. I remember asking Mom the age of our lovely house on the hill. She told me that it was at least 65 years old. Considering that I was a child when I asked, […]
  • Family Reunions
    Baker Reunion Possibly 1922
  • The Rhubarb Patch
    How many have a rhubarb patch? It seems most homes or farms do. I remember as a child ours was behind the swing set. Two huge plants. Every year Mom would pull the stalks and make rhubarb pie or cobbler. Not really my favorite then. Later I heard the outhouse sat by the rhubarb plants. […]
  • May… National Historic Preservation Month
    During the month of May AWTHS has been featuring old historic homes and farms and sharing their preservation stories and history of the landmarks that we know. This photo of the Kuskie’s home is a two story brick home built according to Sarah and Anthony around 1840 and was thought that freed slaves were used […]
  • The Ribs of a Barn – by Pam Loxley Drake
    Building a barn by Pam Loxley Drake The barn. The big, beautiful barn. Most of my life my Dad’s name was on the side of the barn. I was never sure why since most people knew who lived there already. And, of course, I knew who lived there. I think maybe it was the pride […]
  • Grandma’s Friendship Garden
    Grandma Brumbaugh with her peony’s Spring time is a time of renewal. Not only of our gardens, flowers beds and yards but our mind. When Spring rolls around every year I think of my Grandma Brumbaugh and her love of flowers, plants and being outside. I share those same interest. I love going around and […]
  • From My Window
    By Pam Drake My bedroom window overlooked the backyard and barnyard. It was a window on the world for a little farm girl. Many a time I sat there looking out, watching chickens outside the chicken house pecking in the dirt for worms and cows milling at the back gate. Many mornings I saw Dad […]
  • Arcanum During WWII
    During WWII food rationing or restrictions were applied due to food needed for the soldiers overseas as well as limited food supplies due to war destroyed lands and shortage of labor.  Trade routes were often disrupted due to war. WWI During WWI in 1918 the food program was:  Monday is wheatless, Tuesday is meatless, Wednesday […]
  • WWII and Rationing
    With the world wide pandemic in effect there are some similarities from the past to the present. While we are not being currently “rationed” on foods there are some shortages of grocery items as well as cleaning supplies. We learn from the dairy farmers that the farms have plenty of milk. The issue is the […]
  • Depression Cooking
    Across the nation, hungry people waited in “soup lines” for a free meal, especially in larger cities. On the farm, growing, tending, preparing, and preserving food took many hours of work. There was no electricity to power refrigerators, so it was difficult to keep milk and other foods fresh, especially during the summer heat. Yet […]
    This blog is dedicated to Mildred Laird Maddock, grandmother of Janet Brown Rhoades.  This is Janet’s story written about her grandmother, Mildred, who died during the flu in 1918. Her beautiful sheet music and memorabilia was to be on display upstairs at the Arcanum Public Library during the month of May by the Arcanum Preservation […]
  • Women’s Work on the Farm
    Butchering Another big job done in the winter because it was cold.  Again, neighbors, friends and family helped each other.  Mom remembers the pork being greasy and having to clean the intestines to use as casing to put the sausage in.  It was then packed in crocks in lard for the year.  The salted hams […]
  • Farm Day’s Early 1930’s
    As told by my parents and grandparents: Inez Brumbaugh and Dale and Betty Sease. Farming and country life was much different back in the day. At first the land was cleared by settlers and our early ancestors. Life was consumed by simply surviving and being self sufficient as far as raising crops and animals for […]
  • Writing Your Story
    Have you always wanted to write your family story in an understandable manner but didn’t know how or where to start? This blog will give some quick tips to get you started. First, decide if you are only doing family stories or incorporating some genealogy with dates such as birth dates, marriages and so forth. […]
  • Researching Your Old House
    This is a question our historical society is asked frequently.  People move into the community and ask about the history of their house or property.  The age of house, who lived there and events are common starters and interesting to find out. First we recommend looking at your property deed or title.  If you only […]
  • Christmas In The Village
    Arcanum…A Secret Place page 171 Music at home was on the juice harp or mandolin.  There was parlor games and pulling taffy.  As the town grew, some may have Christmas dinner at the CA House.  Later the St. Nicholas Hotel around 1865 and Arcanum House in 1870.  These were local hotels with the St. Nicholas […]
  • Out of the Trenches
    “Out of the Trenches” and “Letters from the Trenches” are  books based on  the WWI Diary/Letters of Daniel R. Warvel, Purple Heart Recipient – Born in Beamsville, Ohio 2-29-1892 transcribed by his granddaughter, Lana Lease-Johnston, Noblesville Indiana.  Lana remembers her mother’s most prized possession was a little brown pocket diary. The front cover had broken […]
  • Cemetery Preservation
    If these stones could talk: Written for cemetery tax levy and preservation of cemeteries.In our family there’s a standing joke about poor old Peter Fourman. I was looking for his stone last year at Ithaca Cemetery and had my granddaughter with me. Well we couldn’t find him. Jade was so concerned about the stone and […]
  • Arcanum Preservation Society Monthly Meeting
    Arcanum / Twin Township Building in 1990 The Arcanum Preservation Society will be hosting their monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM at the Old Arcanum City Hall Building. All are welcome .
  • Christmas Bazaar
    Our yearly Christmas Bazaar with one of a kind treasures. Decorations, gifts, goodies and wardrobe items for one stop local shopping for a good cause. To help support our local historical society. Please share and bring a friend. Note: Bazaar open Friday evening, November 29 and Saturday morning November 30.PLEASE NOTE: Event is for AWTHS […]
  • City Hall Pictures
    We are trying to locate inside photos of the city bldg. and info for time period from 1889 to 1940-50’s.If you have photos, please post or message us. Or if you would like to help research and track some down please let us know. This also includes old newspaper articles.We know graduations were held in […]

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  1. May… National Historic Preservation Month. More to the old house preservation project: As a note I found that prior to the Kuskie’s purchasing this home that extensive work was done to the home. Readers probably remember the Littel’s living here for many years. My brother, Fred, farmed the ground and would talk to him. Interesting fellow. Anyways this house was in pretty bad shape-the bricks were crumbling, no heat system, old wiring and plumbing. Per past owner, the brick foundation was rebuilt, new windows put in, roof, electric and heating system. So THANK YOU to all who have helped restore and save this old house!

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